Playliste WS Schneider / Schill

am 18.02.2023

Come Dance With Me
Lipstick, Powder & Paint
This & That
Black Coffee
When you Smile
Have you ever seen the Rain
Mamma Maria
Wave on Wave
Ticket to Heaven
Boys and a Girl Thing
Bonaparte’s Retreat
Love Flow / Let Your Love Flow
Crazy Foot Mambo
Bring on the good Times
Get In Or Get Out
Bosa Nova
Faith, Hope & Love
Wrong Direction
Speak to the Sky
Cold Heart
***Pause bis 19.00 Uhr ***
Start the Party! Mamma Maria
I’m on my Way
Lucky Lips
Some Kind of Wonderful
Ain’t no Mountain High Enough
Bottom of the Bottle
Shivers / Floorsplits***
Gypsy Queen
After The Storm
Shout! Shout!
Irish Boots
Love Not War
Another One Bites the Dust
Expresso & Tschianti / Regenbogenfarben
Versions of You
Storm and Stone
Af en Af
Green Green Grass
It’s Go Time
The Joker and the Queen
1 2 SNAP
Celtic Duo
The Sphinx
Sweet Release
Do it With Style
Give me your Tempo
Netflix & Chill
Country in 3
Run di Road
Kitchen Dance Floor
1 + 1
Cry to Me
But my Heart Goes
Everyone needs a Hero
You’re the Hero
I Got a Woman
Your Heaven
In the Dark
Dim the Lights
If you wanna Samba
My Bestie
Das Meer der Wind und Du
Hold On
Absolutely Not
Run me like a River
Train Wreck
Shouting to the Monsters
Have Fun Go Mad
All In
Pretty Girl
Buona Sera Senorita
Before the Devil
Bad Habits
Don’t call me Baby
Samba Huh
Portland Cha
Whenever you come Around
Easy on Me
Bittersweet Memory
Where we’ve Been – ENDE!!!


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